Wahoo Fitness Balance Review – A Simple Smart Scale

There was a time when weighing yourself on a scale used to be simple, but that doesn’t mean that technology does not have anything to say about it, especially with the Wahoo Fitness Balance. With this scale, it is still your average device that can give you readings about your weight, but it can also give you more than just that. This is a Bluetooth connected device, which means that the weight readings can also be sent to your phone. The data will then be fed into Wahoo’s accompanying Wellness app and it will be added to a graph that shows you your ongoing weight loss progress. Aside from the weight, the scale will also show you your BMI. While this is technologically leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional bathroom weighing scale, there are other models of late that can give so much more than just weight and BMI.

Wahoo Fitness Balance Review - A Simple Smart Scale

The Wahoo Fitness Balance Maintains Simplicity in a Technologically-Advanced Era

The Wahoo Fitness Balance has a very minimalistic design, and it is of the 13-inch square variety. There is a transparent glass that sits atop of a light aqua-green base. There are no visible buttons on the unit but a lone switch found underneath. This single button is used to switch between metric and imperial readouts. The scale is powered by two AAA batteries and it is claimed that one pair will power the unit for 12-months.

Setting the scale up is pretty much straightforward. However, scanning the QR code should take you to the Wahoo website, but at the time of writing, it will take you to a non-existent page. Not quite the best start, especially those who do want to get easy and quick information about the product.

While the accompanying app is pretty useful, it is not one without its own set of shortcomings. However, the most bizarre of them all is that it might send you some data that are clearly not yours. Still, it is clear that the app does recognize these readings as erroneous as it will ask users if some of these “are yours?” It might be a cause for knocking the Wahoo Fitness Balance Weighing Scale or moving it around a bit that it does give out some readings. Hence, this is not a massive problem, and it is quite good that Wahoo knows about this issue.

Overall, the Wahoo Fitness Balance is a simple smart weighing scale that you can get for your bathroom to check your weight and BMI progress. However, it might have already been left behind with current trends in technology as there are others that can do better.


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