Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Review – Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Smart devices are now occupying the market as of late, and technology can even be good for cyclists, especially when you consider the Wahoo Fitness Elemnt. This is a small, black, rectangular unit that will be placed into a handlebar mount of your bicycle. It will give you detailed information about performance statistics. It is simple to use but still contains powerful features that are clearly meant for serious riders. However, this is by no means a cheap mini-computer for your bike.

Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Review - Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

The Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Helps You Improve Your Ride

Because of its high price point, the Wahoo Fitness Elemnt is oftentimes compared to cyclists purchasing a regular mount and then placing their smartphones into said mount for a more inexpensive way of monitoring your rides. Therefore, it does beg the question, how does the differ from using a free app?

When looking at the tracking and reporting features alone, the Elemnt can be closely compared to that of the Garmin Edge 810, but the display on Wahoo’s offering is much different than that of Garmin’s. Wahoo’s device provides directions with the use of LEDs, in which it will cue upcoming turns. The colors indicate the differences on how you’re currently riding. Green means that you’re on course and red means you’ve just missed a turn.

In order for you to see a map, you would have to press the Page button. There is a two-tone screen that utilizes an arrow to indicate your location, as well as a line wherein it will indicate where you need to go. When you press the Page button once more, it will return to the main display.

Aside from a map, the display also shows a lot of performance stats. You will be able to see everything from speed, heart rate, cadence, calories burned, and of course, distance. There’s also distance climbed and the current time. Aside from the LEDs, there are visual cues that provide further insights on certain things such as heart rate and cadence. When a white light is present, it means you’re doing fine. These lights appear above or below so you’ll know when to push harder or ease up the pace.

Even though the Wahoo Fitness Elemnt presents more information than what you can get from a free app from the App Store or Google Play, it does have some flaws. For starters, since this is a device made for serious cyclists, navigating and understanding the user-interface does have a learning curve. Then there’s that expensive price tag of which many would just have one look at it and shy away from the device.


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