Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Review – Going Beyond Heart Rate Monitoring

In a time wherein there are many fitness trackers on the market that sport heart rate monitors, we get the Wahoo Fitness Tickr X. But don’t take the previous statement as a negative one. What this tracker offers is more than just your basic heart rate monitoring features. What it can do is track heart rates with a difference, as it augments the basic heart rate measurements with a flurry of extra functionalities that have been provided by an accelerometer. Furthermore, there are is a slew of measurements that the device can read, which includes general fitness training, running, and cycling.

Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Review - Going Beyond Heart Rate Monitoring

The Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Makes for a Very Versatile Device

In terms of looks, the Wahoo Fitness Tickr X does not have an exciting design. Well, when you compare its looks to the traditional chest-worn heart-rate monitors, those designs don’t particularly scream “wow” either. The sensor is made from plastic, but it doesn’t feel the most durable in the market. Nevertheless, you won’t encounter any problems with regards to its build quality. In fact, getting it on and ready merely takes a few seconds of your time. Once it’s on, it is very quick in starting to do its job.

How quick is it? As soon as the sensors found on the Tickr X makes contact with your skin, the LEDs on the sensor will light up near instantly. In fact, it is far quicker as compared to other similar competing devices, such as that of the MyZone MZ-3. On the device itself, there are two LEDs that can be found: one to show that it has begun detecting the heart rate, and the other will show you that the unit is currently connected with your smartphone.

Tracking with this wearable device makes use of an accompanying app, and it encompasses general cardiovascular training which includes running and cycling. It does provide a whole lot of information that goes beyond just measuring your heart rate. It will even incorporate post-run analysis such as running smoothness, vertical oscillation, and even ground contact time.

However, while the app accompanying the Wahoo Fitness Tickr X is particularly intuitive, it doesn’t necessarily make it obvious enough as to what the points in the graph mean. Therefore, seeing the graphs the first time might tilt your head in confusion. A tiny research will quickly solve this problem, however. Overall, if you’re looking for a feature-packed and more-than-capable heart rate monitor, then look no further.


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Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Review – Going Beyond Heart Rate Monitoring
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