Watch Dogs 2 – What to Expect in Multiplayer

In this year’s Gamescom event, Ubisoft showcased a collection of promotional content for various games, and one of those titles being advertised is that of Watch Dogs 2, more specifically that of its multiplayer feature. In the trailer, it does reveal co-op missions, online invasions, as well as a new mode called “Bounty Hunt.”

Watch Dogs 2 - What to Expect in Multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2 Showcased With New Features

The Watch Dogs 2 trailer was posted over at Ubisoft’s YouTube channel. In the short clip, it would seem that the company is aiming to bring back the “seamless” multiplayer feature from the game’s predecessor. This is wherein players can join in and leave, as well as enjoy online activities without the need of a loading screen. In fact, this was one of the major highlights of the first game.

New to the second iteration of the title is the ability to team up with online friends, as well as do some cooperative missions. In co-op mode, players will be able to transition even further into two modes, them bring Invasion and Bounty Hunt.

Compared to Bounty Hunt, Invasion is the returning mode from the original Watch Dogs game. In this mode, you will attempt in infiltrating another player’s game. While you’re there, you will be able to hack some goods out of their character. Should they catch you, there might be a pursuit that will ensue. Upon doing so, things can get pretty chaotic.

In a similar note as to the chaotic aspects of the new Watch Dogs title is that of a counter wherein it will measure how much you’re doing damage towards the San Francisco area, and how much the police are gunning for your head. This is a similar feature in the likes of Grand Theft Auto, wherein do enough evil deeds and the police will take notice of your actions.

In Bounty Hunt mode, it is akin to that of the same mode found in Atari’s Test Drive Unlimited 2, wherein players are continuously being pursued by the police. Furthermore, in this mode, the police cannot be stopped. Furthermore still, the police can even initiate a call out to other players that are online at the moment to join in pursuing the wanted fugitive.

As for the person being constantly pursued by the police (and perhaps with other players) while in Bounty Hunt mode in Watch Dogs 2, it will give a constant sense of paranoia to the fleeing player. This is because a rival player can just appear out of nowhere and then slam their vehicle into yours to end the pursuit.


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