Web Browser – How to Open Tabs From Your Last Session

If you’re the type to work with a lot of tabs in your favorite web browser, there is a certain horror that comes when you want to wrap things up for the day and you still have a lot of important tabs open. There are those who would just bookmark every single tab that’s been opened so that they can easily access them once more when they continue working on them on the next day. But say for example that you’ve got 10, or perhaps even 20 tabs opened and you need all of them; bookmarking each and every one of them is a tedious task. But there’s an easier way, and you can even just close the browser window to come back to have everything intact.

Web Browser - How to Open Tabs From Your Last Session

Open Tabs From Your Last Session in Your Web Browser, Even After Closing the Window

Step 1 – Let’s start with the Google Chrome web browser; in here, click on the Chrome menu button, which is the button with the three horizontal bars on them. Once clicked, head on to Settings and click on that menu item. You will then be brought to a new Settings tab. In here, right under “On startup,” you will be able to see three options, them being “Open the New Tab page,” “Continue where you left off,” and “Open a specific page or set of pages.” If you want to continue the tabs that you’ve been working on whenever you close the browser window, then pick the second options, which is “Continue where you left off.” Do note that these changes are automatically saved so all you have to do is to close the tab afterwards.

Step 2 – In the Firefox web browser, the process is quite similar to that of Google Chrome, but the menu names are different. In Firefox, head on to the three horizontal bars found at the upper right corner of the window. Click on that, and head on to “Options.” In the new Options tab, head on to “General” in the left sidebar, and then click on the drop down menu right beside “When Firefox starts.” Choose “Show my windows and tabs from last time” to recover the closed tabs from the last sessions immediately whenever you start the browser.

Step 3 – If you’re using Opera as your main web browser, then there is also a way to do this. In Opera, click on Menu found at the upper left corner of the window, and head on down to Settings in the menu that will pop up. In the new Settings tab, right under “On startup” there are a bunch of options, and what you would want is to “Continue where I left off.”


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Web Browser – How to Open Tabs From Your Last Session
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