WhatsApp – How it Became the Messaging App of Choice for Many

If you haven’t tried WhatsApp, then you will probably try it out in the future, and within the foreseeable one at that. Just a few months ago, the now-owned Facebook app just went past its 1-billionth user. Furthermore, forecasts tell that the number does not fall short of stopping any time soon. The company wrote in an official blog post that it will have another 6-billion people to get into using the messaging application.

WhatsApp – How it Became the Messaging App of Choice for Many

WhatsApp Already Went Past its 1-Billionth User, and it Will Continue to Grow Even Further

Just last year, WhatsApp hit the mark wherein it had already delivered more messages than the traditional SMS text message. Back in 2010, it has now been possible to send voice messages without users having to leave the application, which could even predict some tech watchers, and it even spelled the end of some mobile networks such as O2 or Vodafone.

Because of this, it probably would not be long until video calling would be available with using just the WhatsApp mobile application. But for now, users would still have to make do with using the app as a text messaging service, but only better. Sending text messages using the service will make use of the Internet, and the application is quite efficient use; for instance, you can send messages one-on-one, or you can set up a group with the use of your phone’s contacts list. You can even send messages to Labor politicians, provided that you do know their contact information.

If you think that your group within the mobile app is already interesting as it is, then you might find other groups to be more interesting. For instance, Members of the British Medical Association’s junior doctors’ committee formulated a group within the application and even used it to talk about strike action as approximately 1,000 pages of messages were leaked to the press about it. Another example is within the runup to the EU referendum, as members of the group used WhatsApp to discuss tactics to stay away from official methods, as well as away from future freedom of information requests.

Perhaps the creation of WhatsApp serves to be one of the best stories in tech history. The app started back in 2009. But before it became the huge success that it is today, there were often unfulfilling and toug years. Jan Koum, one of the app’s co-founders, came up with the idea of a simple app that will allow users to set a status on their phone to show others as to whether they were available or not. The company was formally registered back in 2009.


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