Wileyfox Spark Review – Unapologetically Low-Cost

What might appeal the most about the Wileyfox Spark is its price tag, and perhaps nothing else. This smartphone is unapologetically cheap from t he inside out. It is designed to be made for the user who’s willing to shop around online, rather than heading to downtown to a local business establishment to pick up the cheapest Samsung device off of the shelf. The device runs on the CyanogenMod rather than the popular Android operating system. However, because the device won’t break banks (or even your wallet for that matter), it does offer value that is comparable to the likes of what mobile carriers can offer, and you can get this without the ties or contracts involved.

Wileyfox Spark Review - Unapologetically Low-Cost

The Wileyfox Spark Will Test Your Patience

In terms of design, the Wileyfox Spark shares a similar design as compared to other handsets from the company. All of which are made to be quite easy on the wallet, but this is perhaps the cheapest device out of the lot. Its outer shell is made mostly out of plastic, and there is an unusual textured rear that does set it apart from the usual plastic battery cover that you can see and feel on other budget-friendly smartphones on the market.

Just like other Wileyfox devices, the Spark has an embossed fox design found on the back. For its outer design, it does fairly good, even when you take a gander at its incredibly low price tag. From the front, it is quite simple to look at, which is again, looking unapologetically cheap. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look bad, yet it doesn’t look great either.

Since the phone is found in the lower-ends of the market, don’t expect any fancy features with this one. There is no NFC, nor a fingerprint scanner available here. It does, however, feature a Dragontrall display instead of the more popular Gorilla Glass variant. Furthermore, there’s only 8GB of storage to spare for this one. However, out of that 8GB, only 2.2GB is actually available, but you can expand the storage with the use of a microSD card.

While the software packed into the Wileyfox Spark is good, performance issues can be seen and experienced, even with day-to-day ordinary usage. Much of these drawbacks are the result of the meager 1GB of RAM and the MediaTek MT6375 processor packed into the device. The apps are very slow to load, and there are a multitude of applications that will experience crashing. Hence, if you do have any plans on purchasing this device, then be prepared to test your patience.


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Wileyfox Spark Review – Unapologetically Low-Cost
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