Windows 10 – How to Change Shutdown, Logoff, and Logon Sounds

Prior to Windows 10, it was quite easy to just change the different sounds when certain actions were triggered, and these included changing the audio for shutting down, logging off, or logging onto your computer. However, once the new operating system came along, Microsoft hid those sound actions from being modified. But do note that all is not lost as there is a way to get them back. Read on to know how.

Windows 10 - How to Change Shutdown, Logoff, and Logon Sounds

Adding the Actions Tab Back to the Sound Control in Windows 10

Step 1 – You would need to do a bit of registry editing in order to edit the sounds for certain actions in Windows 10. As such, and for precautionary measures, do a backup first and make sure that you don’t edit anything else other than what you need as there will always be a possibility that you might destroy the system. With that being said, open the Registry Editor by hitting on Start and then typing “regedit.” It should immediately pop up under the Best match category. Hit on the Enter key on your keyboard or click on it to proceed.

Step 2 – When you’re inside the Registry Editor in Windows 10, look for the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels. You’re just going to make one small change here within each of the three different subkeys under the EventLabels key. For this time, you would want to change the shutdown sound, or as what Windows likes to call it, the System Exit. It is found under the EventLabels key on the left side of the Registry Editor, and then select the SystemExit subkey.

Step 3 – The window to the right should change after clicking on the SystemExit subkey. Do a double-click on the ExcludeFromCPL Value and by default it should be at “1.” This means that the action is excluded within the Control Panel. To bring it back, just change the Value data to 0 and then click OK.

Step 4 – For the log on and log off sounds in Windows 10, you would have to do the same but edit the ExcludeFromCPL values of the WindowsLogoff and WindowsLogon keys instead. Once all those three values are changed, there’s no need to restart the system as the effects will be applied immediately. Now the next time that you want to edit the sounds for these particular actions, you can without having to go through all that trouble once more.


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Windows 10 – How to Change Shutdown, Logoff, and Logon Sounds
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