Windows 10 – How to Log Out

If you’re new to the Windows 10 ecosystem, or even the Windows 8 operating system at that, the easy option to log out of your user account from your computer that was easily accessible with the Windows 7 has disappeared. Well, not completely as it is just slightly hidden away with the new Microsoft operating system. For new users, you might be baffled and even left with just scratching your head as to where is that option to log out. You can still sign out of your account through the Start menu, it’s just that the option is no longer part of the Power options any longer.

Windows 10 - How to Log Out

How to Log Out of Your Windows 10 Machine

Step 1 – Ever since Windows 8 came to be, and now with Windows 10, Microsoft has moved the log out option from Power button which was previously found on the Start menu. Furthermore, the option to log out of your account is no longer called “log off” as it is instead called “sign out” this time around. When you’re a Windows 7 user for quite a while, you may find yourself mistakenly clicking on the Start menu’s Power button, and then trying to search for the “sign out” option. Now, you will have to access the log off option by clicking on your user account name. Doing so will bring out some options, which will of course include the “Sign out” option.

Step 2 – Aside from logging out using the Start menu in Windows 10, you can also use the Power Users menu to do the same. This was introduced back in Windows 8, and it is one of the handier additions to the newer operating systems. To access the Power Users menu, you can just do so by right-clicking on the Start Menu, or by pressing the Windows Key + X on your keyboard. It will then point your mouse at the “Shut down or sign out” item. To log out, simply click on the “Sign out” option.

Step 3 – Then there are times when your Windows 10 computer decides to freeze on you and will only give you a limited amount of control. If you want to sign out, or even go to the Windows Task Manager, the Ctrl + Alt + Delete option is still there. Do note that the screen that will pop out is the security screen and not the actual lock screen. Do note that logging in once more after signing out will require you to input your account’s password once more.


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Windows 10 – How to Log Out
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