Windows 10 – How to Make File Explorer Look Like WIndows 7’s Windows Explorer

One of the major changes that you find on Windows 10 is that the Windows Explorer that was more commonly found in Windows 7 and other previous generations of the operating system. There are many who won’t mind the change as it is more of an aesthetic alteration rather than a complete overhaul of the feature. Still, there are some who do wish to have the looks of Windows 7 Windows Explorer into the newer operating system’s File Explorer. To do that, you can download and install a free tool called as OldNewExplorer.

Windows 10 - How to Make File Explorer Look Like WIndows 7's Windows Explorer

Change the Look of the Windows 10 File Explorer With OldNewExplorer

Step 1 – You can do a bunch of changes when using OldNewExplorer for Windows 10‘s File Explorer. Do note, however, that it is not required to make all of the changes, but you can just make for the ones that you really want. But if in case that you really want the look of the Windows 7 Windows Explorer, then you would have to need them all.

Step 2 – Do keep in mind that OldNewExplorer is a third-party tool that will alter the Windows 10 system. Therefore, it is wise that you should do a backup first before continuing just in case that something does go wrong.

Step 3 – One of the many things that you can change in File Explorer with the use of OldNewExplorer is to change the look of the navigation bar. For the latest (at the time of writing) operating system of Microsoft, the company added in a ribbon, which is more commonly seen within Microsoft Office programs. Should you want to disable it and would want to have the old command bar instead, head on to the OldNewExplorer application and check the “Use command bar instead of Ribbon” option which is found under the Appearance section.

Step 4 – You can also enable the Details pane in Windows 10‘s File Explorer, which can also be seen in Windows 7’s Windows Explorer. However, the difference here is that the details will now be shown on the right instead of the bottom portion. But other than that, it does look quite similar. And with that being said, to activate the Details pane, head on to OldNewExplorer by heading to Organize > Layout > Details pane. Do note that this is the process if you’ve already altered the ribbon. If not, then just click on “Details pane” in the Panes section.


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