Windows 10 – How to Start in Safe Mode

Unlike other versions of Microsoft’s operating system, starting a Windows 10 computer on Safe Mode can be a bit more difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. Why start the computer in Safe Mode? When you PC has shut down incorrectly or refuses to boot up properly, then this mode will become your best friend. In Safe Mode, Windows will show a limited set of drivers and files. Furthermore, there will be no programs that will start automatically while in this mode. Also, the computer won’t connect to the network (unless specified) so an infection can be contained and can even be properly removed from the system. While in this mode, you can locate and find solutions to problems for your PC, without have to endanger your data or hardware.

Windows 10 - How to Start in Safe Mode

How to Start in Safe Mode When Using a Windows 10 Computer

So how do you start Windows 10 in Safe Mode? If you can boot up the operating system, then it is a simple case by just going to the Start Menu, then click on Settings that is located near the bottom. Afterwards, click on Update and Security. In the new window, choose Recovery then go to Advanced startup. Click on the Startup settings then Restart now. When you computer restarts, you should be able to see some options. Once there, choose the Troubleshoot item in the menu and then click on Advanced options. Afterwards, go to Startup settings, then Restart. From the list that appears, Safe Mode should be in the 4th slot.

If you need to open Windows 10 in Safe Mode, or perhaps want to select another advanced startup option, then you might have a problem in your computer’s system that prevents it from booting up properly in the first place. If this is the case, then the Microsoft OS should automatically start the recovery environment that has a similar message with regards to Recovery. It will look something like Windows has failed to load correctly. Then, you will still see the Troubleshoot option and can continue from there.

But if your Windows 10 computer boots properly and would want to get into Safe Mode for repair and maintenance purposes, you can do so by going to its System Configuration. To get here, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to initiate the Run command window. There, type in msconfig then hit Enter. Once there, go to the Boot tab, select Safe Boot and choose one of the advanced options located beneath it. Hit OK then click on Restart Now to reboot the computer into Safe Mode.


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