Windows – How to Control the Mouse Using the Keyboard

Let’s say you have a wireless mouse and the battery suddenly died on you while you’re doing something important, or if your computer mouse decided to die while you’re doing a report for your boss; when these things happen, there’s no need to worry as there is a way to control the mouse pointer in a Windows operating system without said mouse. Here, we take advantage of a feature called Mouse Keys, in which you will be able to use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to temporarily move you’re the mouse pointer around in the event that the physical computer mouse is inoperable at the moment.

Windows - How to Control the Mouse Using the Keyboard

Controlling the Mouse Pointer in Windows Using the Keyboard With the Help of Mouse Keys

Step 1 – In order to use the Mouse Keys feature in Windows properly, you should first have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, and if you’re using a laptop, you need to disable the trackpad. The external mouse needs to be unplugged as well, if it hasn’t been already. Now to turn on the feature, press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Start menu. Type in “ease of access” without the quotes in the search bar, and press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. However, if you’re using the 8 or 10 operating systems, do search for “Ease of Access mouse settings” instead.

Step 2 – Now since you can’t use your mouse at the meantime, take advantage of the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate through the menu items. Within the Ease of Access Center, press the Tab key until it highlights the “Make the mouse easier to use,” and when it does, press the Enter key. It will bring you to a new window, and press the Tab key a few more times until it will bring you the tick box right next to the “Turn on Mouse Keys” menu item. Press the tab key a few more times until you head to the OK button. Once it does, just press the space bar or the Enter key. In doing so, you should now be able to use your numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer around within your Windows computer.

Step 3 – But upon reading this, it might be too much of a hassle to do this on your Windows PC when the mouse is not functioning. Hence, while it still does, head back to the “Make the mouse easier to use” portion, and this time click on “Set up mouse keys.” Here, you can click on the tick box that says “Turn on Mouse Keys with left ALT + left Shift + NUM LOCK.” Using these keyboard keys will toggle the feature on and off.


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Windows – How to Control the Mouse Using the Keyboard
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