Windows – How to Delete a User Account

Should you have a bunch of user accounts found in a single Windows PC, then there will come a time when you just want to minimize the clutter and delete one, or two, or perhaps even five of them. However, before any deleting can be done, if you might have use for the settings for that specific account that you still want to keep, then it is best to back up that user’s data first. After backing the data up, let’s now proceed in deleting those user accounts from the operating system.

Windows - How to Delete a User Account

Deleting a User Account in Windows 7, 8, or 10

Step 1 – Let’s start with Windows 10, with it being the latest in the line of Microsoft’s operating systems and all. It should also be noted that the following process is also similar to 8. To start with the deletion, click on “Settings” which is found on the Start menu. You will be brought to the new version of the Control Panel (if you remember that). In here, click on “Accounts,” and then click on “Family & other users” which is found in the left pane within the Accounts screen.

Step 2 – After clicking on Family & other users, scroll down towards the “Other users” section. In here, you will be able to find other users accounts that are listed. Now click on the account that you want to be removed from the Windows operating system. Just click on the “Remove” button to permanently delete the account from the computer. However, it will ask you first if you want to keep the files that have been made by that user. If you’ve already backed up the files and data which was mentioned earlier, then there’s no need to keep more stored data (unless you want to really be sure of yourself).

Step 3 – Deleting a user account in 7 is a similar sort, but first you would have to log into an account that has administrative privileges. In order to delete account from this Microsoft operating system, first type “user accounts” without the quotes within the search bar in the Start menu. It should immediately appear under the Control Panel category.

Step 4 – Click on it to proceed with the deletion of the Windows user account. You will be brought to a new window, and here just click on “Manage another account.” Within the “Choose the account you would like to change” screen, first click on the account you want to be deleted. Next, just click on “Delete the account” to proceed. Just like with Windows 8 and 10, you will be given the option to keep the files and data before the account is to be deleted.


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Windows – How to Delete a User Account
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