Windows – How to Delete Cookies From Browsers

When you’re talking about cookies that can be found in computer operating systems, most especially that of Windows, it’s not those delectable treats that you put in an oven, bake, then eat with your mouth watering. Cookies are known as the small files that websites place on your computer to store a bit of their own information into your PC’s system. A cookie will be able to keep you logged into a website by writing ID information into that miniature file. This way, whenever you log into a website, you won’t have to log in over-and-over again every time you visit the page. However, these cookies, just like those tasty treats, can put weight on your computer. Therefore, if you want your browser, or your operating system, to get rid of these small files, there are ways wherein you can do just that.

Deleting Cookies from Popular Windows Web Browsers

Do note, however, that whenever you’re deleting cookies from any of your browsers within your Windows computer, you won’t be able to see a confirmation dialog box that will ask you if you’re sure to go through with the process. Do remember that some cookies are useful in storing useful information for websites that you visit often. Therefore, once you delete those cookies, you would then have to log in once more or enter those information again on your most visited websites.

But if you are sure about deleting these cookies from your Windows PC, then let’s get started with the Google Chrome browser. Step 1 – In order to manage your cookies in Google’s popular web browser, open the application then click on the Chrome menu button (which are the three horizontal bars located at the upper-right of the window). In the menu, select Settings.

In the Step 2 – Settings screen, click Show advanced settings then in the Privacy section, click on Content settings. There will be a new dialog box that will pop out. Then, in the Cookies section, click All cookies and site data. Click on the Clear browsing data and wait for the operation to be completed (which will typically last only a few moments).

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox for your Windows computer, then the process is quite similar to that of Google Chrome. In Firefox, Step 1 – click on the three horizontal bars found at the top-right portion of the window, then click on Options in the menu that will be displayed. On the new tab, click on Privacy that can be found on the left. Under the History portion, you can either click on clear all current history or clear your recent history. When you click on either, it will shop up another window with a bunch of options. Step 2 – Ticking Cookies then hitting on Clear Now will delete the cookies from your system.


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Windows – How to Delete Cookies From Browsers
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