Windows – How to Use the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshots

When we take screenshots of what’s displayed on our Windows computer, we would just normally press the Print Screen right there on our keyboards. The information gathered by hitting said keyboard key can then be pasted in multiple applications, such as MS Paint, Microsoft Office, or even in Facebook. But what if you just want a portion of your entire monitor to be copied into the clipboard? The first thing that might cross your mind is to use a third-party application. However, do note that you don’t need any of that because there is a Snipping Tool bundled with the Microsoft operating system, and it has been there since Vista came out.

Windows - How to Use the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshots

Using the Windows Snipping Tool to Take Better Screenshots

Step 1 – There are a lot of people who don’t know that the Snipping Tool even existed in Windows. All you have to do to access it is to hit on the Start button, then type “snipping tool” in the search bar and it should appear under Best match. It might be a good idea to just pin it to your taskbar if you’re going to frequently use this application.

Step 2 – Once the Snipping Tool opens, you can now start taking better screenshots of what is displayed on your computer screen. Clicking on the dropdown arrow right beside the “New” menu button will bring about options. These options are Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen snip.

Step 3 – With the use of Free-form Snip, the Windows application lets you draw any shape with the help of your mouse pointer. It will then take a screenshot of the selected area. Rectangular Snip allows you to draw a rectangular selection on your screen with your mouse pointer, and the program will then take a screenshot of the selection that has been made.

Step 4 – As for Window Snip, just click on any open window within your Windows operating system to take a screenshot of the visible portions of the window. In other words, if there are some content that is hidden off-screen, then these won’t be captured unless you move the content into view and take a screenshot once more. Lastly, for the Full-screen Snip, it basically works just like the Print Screen keyboard key as it will take a screenshot of everything that is being displayed on your computer screen. You can even take a delayed screenshot by making use of the “Delay” feature within the application.


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Windows – How to Use the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshots
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