Winterstate Review – Blood-Ridden Car

Winterstate, a car combat genre game which gives players fun. It may seem like it is easy to play but in reality, it is kind of tricky. The main goal of the game is for the player to control his squad of vehicles to destroy the enemies’ vehicles. The player can choose and upgrade the vehicle he chooses for each mission. The strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle can be learned and making careful selections based on the enemies will help the player win the level. Each vehicle has a default fire mode and a special ability that the player can use against the foes. Players can opt to utilize one special ability from any of their vehicles with each power-up point he gained.

Winterstate Review - Blood-Ridden Car

Winterstate Looks Easy on Paper

The player in Winterstate will just have to tap the vehicle to select it and then trace a route with his finger, and the vehicle will follow the route as best as it can, but sometimes, it will need to avoid corners or other vehicles and will automatically engage to battle any enemy unit that reaches its range. Maneuvering in the game is just as crucial as managing the power ups.

It may sound easy; tracing the vehicle’s route and all, but the touch screen controls in the Winterstate app may bring some problems like the player may accidentally swipe away the vehicle from its course, or worse, it can be dangerous when the vehicle is heading in reverse during  a battle. Managing too many vehicles at the same time is hard as the player will need to move the camera quickly around the map to different locations and monitor each vehicle. There are icons on the side to show the status of each vehicles, but unfortunately tapping on them does not transfer the camera view to their position.

Managing the resources is also a problem in the game, there is a market place where the player can buy or sell the goods they got. Some environmental hazards move in and will affect the supply and demand of each region, so the player can easily make sales as long as he gives attention to who needs what and where he can find it for a really cheap price. It may be useful but it can ruin the exciting action that each level provided as there are parts of the game where the player needed to apply the trade system.

Winterstate’s gameplay is still satisfying even though there are boring market mechanics and some clumsy UI issues. Players who are looking for an exciting strategy title on four wheels may find this game interesting.


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