Withings Steel HR Review – Heart-Rate Monitoring Watch

There are many fitness trackers with heart-rate monitors in today’s modern market that sport LCD or OLED screens, but the Withings Steel HR is something different than most. It is an analogue activity-tracking device that does not look like your traditional modern-day fitness tracker. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not capable of giving a satisfactory performance. As a matter of fact, it offers everything you would expect from a fitness band, sans the phone notifications.

Withings Steel HR Review - Heart-Rate Monitoring Watch

The Withings Steel HR is a Beautiful-Looking Analogue Fitness Tracker

While many fitness trackers would only let you wear them inside the gym or when you’re working out because of how they are designed, the Withings Steel HR is a more fashionable way to track your activities without having to be embarrassed by the way it looks. In fact, it is one fashionable watch that you won’t even mind wearing with you during a dinner date. Aside from being a beautiful-looking analogue watch, it also gives you the advantages of a typical fitness tracker.

Because of the analogue watch face, it means that users of the Steel HR won’t have to worry about bouncing numbers in order to tell what time it currently is. One look at it and you would immediately know what the current time is. All the fitness data recording is done on the back end with an accompanying app.

Those who are interested in purchasing this fitness watch should know that it comes in two versions, one with a 36-milllimeter face and the other is a large 40-millimeter variant. Obviously, the larger model costs more than that of its smaller counterpart.

If you’re following the modern wearable market, then you might notice that this is the very first tracker that looks like a traditional timepiece. Aside from tracking your fitness activities, it is also very capable in monitoring your heart-rate, in which the module for that sits on the rear of the device. Speaking of the heart-rate monitoring module, it is an optical monitor, which means that whenever you take the watch off, the unit will warn you with an annoying flashing green light.

The tracking functionality of the Withings Steel HR will work throughout the day, or for when it is on your wrist. It can also track your heart-rate while you sleep, but it might not be ideal since a glass-faced watch is not something you would want to wear when you’re heading off to dreamland. Overall, this fitness tracker is ideal for individuals who would want a wearable device to be worn wherever they go.


Where to buy Withings Steel HR?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Withings Steel HR online.

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