Wonder Tactics Review – Wonderfully Tactical

Wonder Tactics is an RPG that gives its players hundreds of heroes to collect and fight with while they search the game’s world finding a way to end all evil. The game’s title “Tactics” comes from the fact that the heroes fight the bad guys with a three on three battles.

Wonder Tactics Review - Wonderfully Tactical

Think Before You Move in Wonder Tactics

Gathering heroes is very important in Wonder Tactics, as the hero in the front formation will receive all the damages while the other heroes in the back will deal no damage. A good strategy is required in the game – especially when the player starts playing with more than 3 heroes. The heroes who can take direct hits better than anyone in the team needs to be developed more than others if the player wants to survive the game. Having to place the heroes strategically with their special abilities will only affect certain parts of the 3 x 3 board where the enemies are being placed. The player may choose a hero who can fire an ice-blast down the middle three squares or a fire-based character who can deal fire damage to the enemies. The special abilities of each hero differ from one to the other; the player needs to plan seriously how to navigate each of the heroes while thinking about their abilities and capabilities in the battle. There will be a short cooldown period after using a special ability, whether it is an attack or a defensive or healing ability.

It is important to carefully select the right special abilities before fighting enemies in the Wonder Tactics app, because once the battle starts, it does not stop until one team is defeated. The enemy will not wait for the player’s turn; if they have specials abilities that are available, they are going to use it without hesitations. Even though the heroes will automatically engage in attacking the enemies, they will just be using their basic attacks which are far too weak, random, and uncontrollable to defeat the enemies.  The special abilities in the game adapt when the enemies are cleared from the battlefield. It will be a bit frustrating for the player because sometimes the caster will not target the best row and it might feel like the player just wasted the special ability. It is overly randomized so that it will work on the player’s favor as much as it will not and that is just how the game is.

Wonder Tactics is highly a cookie-cutter mobile RPG. The player needs to collect heroes, gear them up, and even upgrade them. It is a bit a handful game but even though the elements that surround the combat are not that original, the combat is still good itself.


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Wonder Tactics Review – Wonderfully Tactical
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