WTFast VPN – A Virtual Private Network for Gamers

For many gamers, online connectivity should be more secure than fast, and it is with this thought that WTFast VPN comes into play (no pun intended). Before anything else, know that VPN services will hit your Internet connection speed because of the added security measures. However, if it means better connectivity and latency, then gamers will definitely opt for a more secure connection rather than a fast one that disconnects often.

WTFast VPN - A Virtual Private Network for Gamers

WTFast VPN Offers Better Options for Gamers

WTFast VPN is also known as the Gamers Private Network or GPN. It utilizes optimizes paths that passes through the Internet from your home towards the gaming server your trying to connect to. In doing so, this will reduce latency as much as possible. For those who are new to the word, latency issues occur when the connection stability of the parties within a certain game do not match.

What the WTFast VPN Service claims is that it reduces latency issues as much as possible with the assistance of Internet Service Providers through the use of paths within the Internet that are found to be less likely to be congested. Therefore, if you press a button in your game, then you will see the action almost instantaneously instead of pressing a punch button in Street Fighter V and have your character throw a punch 2-seconds later (definitely not cool to happen).

So the question now is, does it work? Well, it primarily depends on where you’re located and where the gaming server of your choice is found, as well as what’s in between them. But that doesn’t really answer the question here, but do think about this – VPN servers are more of a hit-and-miss deal because you would need to find out if the connection that you’ve chosen lets you give the stable connection that you need. Hence, before you jump into any game, you need to test the connection first. The good thing about this particular VPN service is that you can opt for a free account first to test out the connections first. If you do get to find the server that you’re looking for, then you can opt for the paid subscriptions.

With WTFast VPN, the website even states that they are “directing your game traffic,” which means that any information being sent out and received should be safe with the use of their proxy servers. Why not try it out first? They won’t charge you anything for trying the product out.


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WTFast VPN – A Virtual Private Network for Gamers
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