Xbox One – How to Take Control of the System Using a Smartphone

Microsoft and Sony are continuously battling it out in the videogame space, and it’s not just the latter tech firm that allows users to take control of its current-generation home gaming console with a smartphone as the Xbox One has an app that allows users to remotely control the system which is a similar fashion to the PlayStation 4 and its mobile application. Microsoft has an Xbox SmartGlass app which allows users to launch games, control apps on the console, and even browse TV listings. Furthermore, it can be used to stream live TV through the system while using your phone. The application can be downloaded and installed for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. It can even be used for Windows 8 and 10 machines.

Xbox One – How to Take Control of the System Using a Smartphone

Controlling Your Xbox One With an App

To get you started in controlling your Xbox One with your smartphone, the first thing to do is, of course, to download and install the program. It can be found in the Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store, the Windows Store, and in Google Play. Even though the app is intended to be used for smartphones, it can be used on Apple and Android tablets, as well as Windows 8 and 10 PCs.

Once the app has been properly installed, sign into the application with the use of your Microsoft account that you use to sign into your Xbox One. After you have signed in, the application should automatically discover the Microsoft home gaming console, assuming that both devices are on the same network. It won’t automatically connect, however, as you still have to tap on “Connect” to, well, connect to the console. You can leave the “Connect Automatically” checkbox enabled so that the app will always automatically connect to the system for future uses.

As a means to troubleshoot, should the app fail to locate the console, first of all, make sure that your smartphone, Windows 10 computer, or tablet are in the same network as the Microsoft gaming system. If it still does not locate the console, you can tap the “Enter IP Address” on your smartphone to connect by entering the console’s IP address. If you want to know how to find the IP address of your Xbox One, go to Settings, then Network, then Network Settings, and finally to Advanced Settings on the console itself.

While the SmartGlass app is used to control your Xbox One in a similar fashion as the PlayStation app can control the PS4, both mobile applications do have unique features that separate themselves from each other.


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