Xbox One – Prettying Up Your Custom Controllers

When Microsoft took its turn during this year’s E3 2016 press conference, one of the new things they’ve announced is that fans of the popular home gaming console can now apply their own style for the new controller for the Xbox One. Customers can use a number of customization options and then have the controller shipped to your door. In fact, there are reports that claim that the controller looks even better in person than when you’re still customizing it over at the company’s website.

Xbox One - Prettying Up Your Custom Controllers

Xbox One Controllers are Getting Prettied Up

There are even more customization options available for the new Xbox One S controller as compared to the new controller for the original home gaming console. This is because it now has a more streamlined look, along with lovely textured grips, which are available in a bunch of color combinations over at the Xbox Design Lab website. In comparison to other third-part custom controllers, such as that of The Controller Shop, there aren’t really much options on offer. Customizing the controller is all about color and button choices. In these third-party shops, you won’t get to choose special patterns, custom decals, or other “fashionable” customization options available.

When you head on to the Xbox Design Lab website, you will be able to choose the colors for the bumpers, triggers, body, d-pad, back, and thumbsticks found on your Xbox One controller. You can then decide between four different face and view/menu buttons. That’s basically it.

Next up is that you can add a laser-etched message found at the bottom of the unit, but do know that this does cost extra. Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend more, you can keep the pure and pristine look. Once you’re happy with your chosen design, you will then be treated with a very nice collage of your controller. After gawking at your creation, you can then purchase your creation and have it shipped it to your home.

You can even share your saved design for your custom controller for the Xbox One with your friends, family, or even the readers of your Facebook page or blog. Because Microsoft stuck with a set series of option, it is very difficult for a user to create an ugly controller. Even if you mix and match the most heinous color combinations you can think of, you will still be presented with a beautiful looking controller. The only downside to opting for a custom controller is that of the current lead time. It takes a few months before it ships to your doorstep, so do have that in mind.


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