Xbox One S Review – A Highly Decent Upgrade

The Xbox One S is an upgrade of the original Xbox One, and it should not be called a direct successor, because there’s Microsoft Project Scorpio for that. This is fundamentally the same home gaming console that the tech giant released back in 2013, but there are significant changes to note. For starters, the design has been made to be slicker and prettier, and there are many of the original console’s aesthetics that have been fixes. Furthermore, players will now be able to take advantage of 4K resolution graphics and high-dynamic range support. This means that the games and videos you play can now take on the latest of television sets.

Xbox One S Review - A Highly Decent Upgrade

The Xbox One S Now Supports 4K and HDR

As mentioned earlier, the Xbox One S presents itself with a total makeover than the original Xbox One. In fact, it is delivered with a huge improvement with regards to its design. However, the tech giant did not confirm what the “S” in the name stands for, and there are many who are taking jabs at what it could really mean. A couple of examples are “Slim” or “Small.” This is because the newer console is only 40-percent smaller than the original, and it is only slightly larger than that of the PlayStation 4.

The design is particularly impressive since the power supply is now located within the hardware instead of an external element. Hence, you no longer have to deal with the extra space issues from the previous console.

Aside from the console itself, the controller for the Microsoft Xbox One S has also been given a new look and some upgrades. It feels that it is placed right in the middle of the original Xbox One controller and that of the Xbox One Elite Controller. It still has that ergonomic shape, but the rear of the controller now benefits with more grip. There are also exchangeable color covers when you order your own controller from Microsoft, which is a nice touch.

There are a lot of new things to enjoy within the Xbox One S, such as the aforementioned 4K and HDR support. It does make you wonder how does the console do this since Xbox One games only go up to Full HD 1080. Hence, the machine upscales them, which means it will make up the pixels where none exist, and it does a pretty good job at upscaling 1080p graphics to 4K definition as well.  If you’re an Xbox gamer, then you should not miss out on this console.


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Xbox One S Review – A Highly Decent Upgrade
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