Xbox Ones S – Why It’s Better Than the Original

During the Microsoft E3 2016 event, the tech firm immediately cut to the chase by introducing their latest console, the Xbox One S. However, do take note that this is not a next-generation console but rather an upgraded version to the Xbox One. It is also a smaller model than the original and it does correct a lot of mistakes of the larger, more brutish Xbox that was released back in November of 2013.

Xbox Ones S - Why It's Better Than the Original

Reasons Why the Xbox One S is Better Than the Xbox One

First of all, the Xbox One S is introduced with a better pricing, as it will start with just $299 in the United States. However, that 500GB model won’t be coming until later of this year. But there is a larger storage version (a 2TB one) that will be readily available by August 2016. However, the 2TB variant will, of course, be placed at a much higher price point. There is also a third 1TB variant that will also be available in the US. In another yet related news, the pricing of the original Xbox One has already been reduced.

Another reason why the new Xbox One S is better than the original is because it arrives in a 40-percent smaller design. This means that you can have more desk real-estate as compared to the larger Xbox One. Its slimness also puts it close to that of its closest rival, the PlayStation 4. The package will also include a vertical stand, that is, if you want to mount the home gaming console vertically instead.

One of the reasons why the original Xbox One was so massive was due to it having an external power brick. For this newer model, on the other hand, it follows, once again, with its closest competitor as its power source is placed internally instead.

Aside from these, one of the most anticipated features that has been brought to the One S is the support for 4K/UHD resolution as well as high-dynamic range support. This means, with compatible titles and television sets, you will be able to expect colors to pop even more and the blacks from the images to be made even darker.

There are other things to note that would make the Xbox One S a better choice than the original console. But before you whip out your credit card and pre-order online, do take note that within the same E3 event, Microsoft teased everyone that they are already in the works for their next-generation console, dubbed Project Scorpio, and it is said to launch next year.


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