Xiaomi Air 12 Review – A Definite Looker

Xiaomi is known to create nice looking smartphones, and the best part about their good-looking handsets is that they won’t cost you a ton of money to get them, and this same notion can be experienced with the Xiaomi Air 12. In fact, this laptop can closely compete with the Apple’s own MacBook Air for the title of most beautiful notebook on the market. But will its specs, features, and performance justify its good looks? Read on to find out.

Xiaomi Air 12 Review - A Definite Looker

You Wouldn’t Mind Staring at the Xiaomi Air 12 All-Day-Long

Taking the Xiaomi Air 12 out of its rather unique standard packaging and you will be able to gaze your eyes upon a unit that looks like a metallic roof tile. It has an almost uniform thickness all around it, and it is practically devoid of any logo, or anything of that sort, on the cover.

For its dimensions, the Air 12 comes with measurements of 292 x 202 x 12.9-millimeters, and it is quite smaller than an A4 sheet. However, even though it is quite slim, its thickness is still reasonable for a notebook of its size. It has a 1.08-kilogram weight, which means that it is in between that of Apple’s MacBook and the Dell XPS 13.

Opening the lid, and you will be able to glance at the keyboard, which is nicely backlit. However, it has a shorter travel as compared to the Apple MacBook Pro, but the travel is still on par with the Dell XPS 13. Furthermore, it should be noted that there is a bit of a flex whenever you’re touch typing, but this is definitely not a deal-breaker.

For the screen, it is perhaps the most distinctive part of the entire laptop. The monitor has an edge-to-edge glass covering most of it. However, those who are looking for a touch enabled screen would not be able to find it here. Another drawback is that the display attracts a large amount of glare and for no apparent reason. So this makes using the laptop outdoors when there’s a lot of sun makes it practically useless.

Looking at the hardware specs on paper, and you get an Intel Core m3-6Y30 for the brains behind the Xiaomi Air 12, and that is mated to 4GB of RAM. You also get 128GB of SATA3 M2 SSD, and for the graphics department it’s just the basic Intel HD Graphics 515. Battery life is pretty decent as it will give you a laudable 11.5-hours of continuous use, but it should be noted that you cannot remove the battery unless you pry open the unit. Ultimately, this is a great-looking laptop with some great hardware choices. However, there are some drawbacks that are obvious because of the lower price tag as compared to the Apple MacBook.


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Xiaomi Air 12 Review – A Definite Looker
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