Xiaomi Mi 5 Review – Be Amazed

Whatever smartphone you have on your hand or pocket right now, once you get to experience the Xiaomi Mi 5 you would be amazed by it anyway. This is one of the latest smartphones to grace the product line of the Chinese electronics manufacturer. It is powerful and solidly built, and as an added bonus, its feature set and hardware offerings are rolled into one relatively low-cost package.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review - Be Amazed

The Xiaomi Mi 5  Presents Power in a Reasonably Priced Package

More than just a few handsets, even the ones found in today’s tech sector, can claim to have power in a reasonably-priced package just like the Xiaomi Mi 5. It even has a fingerprint sensor, which is more commonly found in higher-end smartphones. What’s more is that it is able to function well, fast, and accurate, even if you have sweaty or wet hands. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a camera and it is one of the best that you can find in its price class. There is also that beautiful, bezel-free that is an absolute marvel to look at.

The phone packs a 5.15-inch HD LCD panel that is able to deliver a sharp 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution. It is also bright enough that you can see the images clearly displayed on the screen even under direct sunlight. At the bottom of said display, you will be able to find the first physical home button the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has ever placed into their handsets. To recall, Xiaomi always relied on touch capacitive buttons in the past. This home button also doubles as the device’s fingerprint scanner, and it is by far one of the fastest one you can experience as it is quick enough to be compared to Apple’s Touch IS sensor. In fact, the fingerprint scanner found on the Mi 5 performs even faster than that of Apple’s devices in some cases.

When you turn the device on, and you will be met with the latest version of the company’s custom-based Android operating system, which is the MIUI. There’s no app drawer on this custom UI so those who are looking for one are out of luck, unless you download a custom launcher from Google Play. It does, however, enable you to enjoy a flat yet colorful look, and there are also a lot of customization options available.

One drawback, however, on the Xiaomi Mi 5 is that it has no micro-SD card expansion slot if you want to increase the device’s storage capacity. Therefore, you’re stuck with either the 32GB or 64GB storage depending on what variant you’re going to get.


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Xiaomi Mi 5 Review – Be Amazed
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