Xiaomi Mi Max Review – Insanely Good Battery Life

If you’ve ever seen a phablet and declare that it’s “too big for me,” then you might not have seen the Xiaomi Mi Max yet. This is a 6.4-inch smartphone that can already be classified as a tablet because of its sheer size. However, its size does not go without any significant hardware and feature offerings, because it does, primarily for its battery life. Furthermore, the display is also quite bright. Still, at the end of the day, it’s the type of device that would make you decide if you would go for a large smartphone or settle for the 5-inchers out there.

Xiaomi Mi Max Review - Insanely Good Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi Max is Huge

Perhaps the real reason why you would want to get the Xiaomi Mi Max is because you’re the type that wants to do more with your smartphone rather than the usual texting and calling. It is the type of mobile device that you would see yourself watching movies, reading e-books and online articles, watch what’s happening with the world on Facebook in a larger, yet still a bit portable, screen.

Speaking of its display, the Mi Max has a 6.4-inch full HD touch capacitive screen with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for its resolution. Images and text on its display appear sharp, bright, and vibrant. Thanks to the company’s own Sunlight Display technology, it makes details, such as images and words, even when looking at the screen under bright sunlight.

As for gaming performance, it does run great even when playing graphic intensive games such as Asphalt 8. When playing the mobile game, it will still run smoothly while on High settings. Furthermore, it has a price tag that will surely please a lot of people as it won’t hurt your wallet too much despite its large size. The cheapest variant you can purchase is that of the 32GB model.

It runs on a custom Android version called MIUI, and it also has some features that cannot be found within stock Android operating systems. For instance, users are able to quickly turn on the flashlight feature just by holding the home button down for a few seconds. There’s also a feature that is similar to Apple’s own Assistive Touch technology wherein you can quickly access the phone’s home, back, and menu buttons while still being able to add on some other features such as taking a photo or taking a screenshot.

But the biggest (no pun intended) selling point of the Xiaomi Mi Max is that of its battery since it has a 4,850 pack within. Even though it is non-removable, you can still make use of the smartphone/phablet throughout the day, even with moderate to high usage.


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