Xiaomi Mi Mix Review – It’s All About the Display

The design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix is undeniably future-proofed. While many smartphones on the planet are looking to acquire the standard chocolate bar design with only minor variations, Xiaomi decided to put their thinking caps on, and the result is this beauty of a handset. The smartphone’s 6.4-inch display covers almost the entire face of the phone, approximately 90-percent in fact. This is because the buttons which are normally found separated at the bottom of the screen are now on the display itself.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review - It's All About the Display

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Presents a Future Proof Design

The Xiaomi Mi Mix comes into the market with an overall premium design. Its ceramic back even gives it that really classy look, but herein also lies to what would perhaps be the major shortcoming of the smartphone. Even though you can grip it pretty well, and the feeling is quite unlike glass, the ceramic back means that it will slip on most surfaces. Therefore, it is wise to never place the phone on sloped surfaces, lest you hear a loud crash that would ultimately be the smartphone.

The Mi Mix is also the most expensive smartphone Xiaomi has on offer, to-date. Even though it is quite expensive, it is still a bit of a far cry in terms of price when comparing to the Google Pixel or even the iPhone 7. But if you want a bit more premium within the phone, you can opt for an even higher-end model which will net you 6GB of RAM and 256GB of built-in storage. For comparison’s sake, the base model of the smartphone will give you 4GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage.

As for its insanely beautiful display, it covers most of the front face of the smartphone. It is an edge-to-edge screen, which means that your palms will almost always have to touch the display. However, it would seem that Xiaomi already thought about this before they released the phone to the public because even though your palms might always be touching the edges of the screen, it doesn’t hinder the overall performance. In other words, your palms won’t actually be moving whatever is on the screen by accident.

Its incredible display also makes you enjoy a resolution of 2,080 x 1,080-pixels, in which the Xiaomi Mi Max definitely excels in this department. Because of such a large screen, the front-facing camera is now moved to the bottom, which is not exactly a good thing, unless you want to take selfies of your chin. Ultimately, this might be the start of an all-screen smartphone revolution, and it may not even be the last we’ll see of such a model from the Chinese tech manufacturer.


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Xiaomi Mi Mix Review – It’s All About the Display
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