XMG Walker Review – Enter the First VR Backpack PC

Even though the XMG Walker might not be the first backpack PC for virtual reality purposes that has been made, it is definitely the first to enter the market. Even though the technology of virtual reality allows users to experience different worlds while staying inside their very own homes, having a backpack PC eliminates the need to be chained to a desktop computer. There are already several backpack PCs that have been announced, and they include those coming from Zotac, MSI, and HP. However, none of these are available in the market yet, nor do they have a release window in sight, well, unlike the XMG’s offering.

XMG Walker Review - Enter the First VR Backpack PC

The XMG Walker Leads the Pack

Even though the XMG Walker is already out in the market, the first people to enjoy it are those living in Europe. Furthermore, it has a premium asking price. Those who are willing to import it from Europe into other regions would have to beef up the price even further. So if you’re not pressed for cash and would really want to get out into the world without having to bring along your ball-and-chain which is your desktop computer, then, and only then could this backpack PC can come into mind.

Even though at the time of writing that the Walker is marketed towards a very specific niche, do note that if you are interested in purchasing this, it has a relatively lightweight and rather cool design. Those who have experienced other backpack PCs have found out that the weight is a definite problem. After all, you’re lugging around a full-blown computer on your back. However, XMG’s offering weighs less than 3-kilograms, and it is even almost half the weight than HP’s own backpack PC.

So what’s powering the virtual reality-capable computer that you can carry? Equipped inside the backpack PC is an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics chip, as well as an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor. These are then paired with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, as well as 250GB SSD. Should you want more memory, you can beef it up even further as you can place up to twice as more RAM inside of it.

With this kind of setup, you will be able to have relatively no problem with your virtual reality apps as you connect your preferred VR headset with the XMG Walker. XMG may have been several rivals within the sector, which is actually a good thing. It even offers a lightweight design and above average specs. However, if you’ve decided on purchasing this, be prepared to spend some serious cash.


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XMG Walker Review – Enter the First VR Backpack PC
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