Yahoo Radar – A Chatbot Travel Guide

Yahoo Radar is a newly launched travel guide mobile application for the iOS mobile ecosystem. Even though the app does offer the traditional travel companion-type of functionalities, such as getting recommendations for nearby restaurants and getting details on popular landmarks, the app will also be more useful for users who use Yahoo Mail as their primary email client as it heavily relies on an interface that is similar to that of a chatbot. At the time of writing, the application still feels more like it is still in its experimental stages rather than being fully practical.

Yahoo Radar - A Chatbot Travel Guide

Yahoo Radar Feels Like an Experiment

What makes Yahoo Radar a rather interesting sort is that it will tap into your email inbox to get information about your various trips that you’ve saved in there. These data will include flight, rental car reservations, hotel bookings, and more on your behalf. With the information in hand, the mobile application is now competing with other travel apps such as that of Google Now. In comparison, Google’s app can send users notifications pertaining to flight delays, gate changes, or even cancellations, as examples.

If you’re wondering if you can use the app if you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account, don’t worry as you still can. To recall, Yahoo had announced earlier that it now has the ability to let users manage their email from other providers. These include Gmail, AOL, and Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, the Yahoo Radar app will also acquire data and leverage them that come from certain directories such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to give its users more travel information. It can then suggest must-see sights, as well as the top restaurants found in your travel plans. The app even has a “bucket list” for your destination and it can pull out tips from other fellow travelers, according to the company’s notes about the application. While it does promote a lot of potential, deep down (at the time of writing) it is only a travel companion as it cannot let users actually book flights using the app.

Even though travel companions are fairly common in the mobile scene, Yahoo Radar differentiates itself as it uses a chatbot-like interface when it comes to interactions. At the moment, this still feels gimmicky but perhaps an update will roll out soon that will give the chatbot a smarter way to guide travelers throughout their destinations.


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Yahoo Radar – A Chatbot Travel Guide
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