Yamaha NX-N500 Review – Multi-Talented

What is the Yamaha NX-N500? It is a pair of powered bookshelf speakers that have their own network functionality. It will allow you to play tracks from a wide array of sources. It also comes with a simplistic approach as opposed to the bulky hardware that you can see with a tradition hi-fi setup. They offer a compact design, and they are able to play from different sources such as DLNA, AirPlay, and Bluetooth. It even has the brand’s own MusicCast multi-room functionality. So you might be wondering that with all of these amazing things packed into this pair of speakers, there has to be a catch, right? Nope, not really.

Yamaha NX-N500 Review - Multi-Talented

The Yamaha NX-N500 Brings Excellent Performance in a Space-Saving Design

The Yamaha NX-N500 is a pair of attractive speakers, and both units are clad in the company’s traditional black finish. Although they are also available in white. There are also dappled coating and rounded edges that are pleasant to look at and these elements give the speakers a chic, modern feel. One surprising albeit very nice touch is the use of white mid/bass cones, which do form a striking contrast into the otherwise entirely black cabinet.

When it comes to the build quality, it is nothing short of superb. When you tap on the sides of the NX-N500, you will be able to get a good feel of the durable thickness of the cabinet. Each f the speaker within the set is remarkably heavy, and because of this they do feel solid as a brick. However, they aren’t unreasonably big or unwieldy, despite the speakers housing all of its own electronics. You can even happily perch it on shelves or sideboards, and the compact size of these speakers will still allow you to place books or other ornaments beside them.

When you play tracks with it, then you will let your ears experience a sumptuous, fulfilling audio quality that is riddled with poise, depth, and power. The audio performance is nothing short of addictive. This is the sort of system that you wouldn’t mind turning off and can make you fall in love with it over-and-over again. It’s just that good of a performance.

What stands the most for the Yamaha NX-N500 is the polished treble presentation. It is well-rounded and tangible, unlike other speakers that might otherwise have a hissy performance delivering artificial treble. These speakers are well-worth the audition as part of your home entertainment system, and it may very well win all awards.


Where to buy Yamaha NX-N500?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Yamaha NX-N500 online.

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