Yamaha SRT-1500 Review – Larger but Less Elegant

The Yamaha SRT-1500 is the larger of the two soundbases from the company, and it offer a step up in terms of size and value as compared to its smaller sibling, the SRT-700. Therefore, this model is designed for larger TVs of up to 40-kilograms in weight. This is certainly a vital upgrade to the SRT-700, and it adds a number of new features which include Wi-Fi connectivity and MusicCast. The latter feature allows users to play music on multiple Yamaha devices within the same home network with the use of a smartphone app. The SRT-1500 also has the company’s own Digital Sound Projector technology, which promises to offer true 5.1-surround sound.

Yamaha SRT-1500 Review - Larger but Less Elegant

The Yamaha SRT-1500 is the Large But Not Quite in Charge

if you’ve gotten a good glimpse at the Canton DM100, then the design of the Yamaha SRT-1500 is simple in comparison. In fact, it might be too simple that it’s too boring. Still, it is by no means ugly, but it does have a plastic trim, a brushed vinyl top panel, sloping edges, that do lack the sophistication of the model brought by the German manufacturer. Those interested in purchasing the SRT-1500 will be able to choose between a black or silver unit.

Aside from the dreary design, you might also have complaints with regards to the lack of a display panel. Instead of a display, Yamaha offers a row of LEDs that will light up whenever you select different sound modes and inputs, or when you adjust its volume levels. While this if okay, it does lack the immediacy of a text-based display.

But what it does offer is a durable soundbase with a robust MDF cabinet, as well as a solid black aluminum mesh located at the front. The row of buttons are located on the right-hand  side of the device, and it will let you toggle through the various inputs, adjust the volume levels, and connect the Yamaha SRT-1500 soundbase to a MusicCast compatible ecosystem.

When you play a move, the Yamaha SRT-1500 offers a large, powerful sound that easily fills up the room. In fact, it does offer a greater sense of scale as compared to the SRT-700. This is also thanks to the sound-beam technology. However, the audio profile is not fine-tuned as compared to the Canton DM100 or that of the Geneva Model Cinema. Still, it does make up with raw power and lots of entertainment value.


Where to buy Yamaha SRT-1500?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Yamaha SRT-1500 online.

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Yamaha SRT-1500 Review – Larger but Less Elegant
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