YI 4K Action Camera Review – Bang for Your Buck Action Camera

The action camera sector is heavily dominated by GoPro, but for those who are looking for a more reasonably-priced alternative without having to spend a ton of cash, then you might want to check out the YI 4K Action Camera. To summarize everything from the start, this is a more-than-capable camera that is right on the money. It is able to offer a good list of features and it does perform quite well. It even sports a long battery life, which is quite surprising considering its diminutive size. However, it is clear that there are some corners that have been cut just for it to achieve a low price point.

YI 4K Action Camera Review - Bang for Your Buck Action Camera

The YI 4K Action Camera is Undeniably a Very Good Deal

What does the YI 4K Action Camera have to offer? For starters, it goes under the nose of the GoPro Hero4 by bringing in an Ambarella A9SE75 chipset, a high-speed Broadcom BCM43340 dual-band Wi-Fi module, and a Sony IMX377 imaging sensor. With these specifications, it translates into an action camera that has the same shooting capabilities as that of the GoPro Hero4 Black. Hence, it has the ability to record high-bit-rate 4K-resolution video at 30-frames-per-second. That’s not all, it can also record videos at 1080p resolution at 120-frames-per-second, and also at 720p resolution at 240-frames-per-second.

So what’s the significant difference? Well, aside from the low price point, it also runs cooler and even sports a better battery life than its GoPro rival. In fact, the performance is so much better that the YI 4K Camera even has a touch capacitive screen found on its back, and this feature is only something that can be used on the GoPro Hero4 Black (if you’re into GoPro action cameras), and it is only an attachment found on the Silver variant.

All these features and hardware specs can be found in an action camera that is approximately half the price of the GoPro Hero4 Black. However, having high-eng components doesn’t technically mean that it automatically dishes out supreme performance. Nevertheless, the videos being captured by this low-cost alternative has a performance that is not to be laughed about. In fact, you might even laud it for its great performance despite having a more-than-reasonable price point.

What are the areas that the YI 4K Action Camera underperforms in? To start, it does not have any feature that corrects chromatic abberation (or the purple fringing) when shooting high-contrast subjects. Furthermore, highlights can easily be blown out, so shooting at really bright scenes can make you lose detail. Nevertheless, if you want a more than capable action camera but don’t have to spend a lot of money, then this is still worth checking out.


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