YoCam – Bigger Feature Set Than the GoPro

Even though the action camera industry is seen to be dwindling quite a bit, it doesn’t stop the YoCam from existing into the world. In fact, it is seen that action cameras such as this is still a great gift to give during the holidays. What makes this particular action camera different from the rest is that it is jam-packed with features, and it even has more functionalities than what GoPro has to offer for their action cameras. In fact, the device’s advertising campaign proudly proclaims that it has the “function of GoPro, DropCam, Lifelogging Camera, Selfie Camera, Dash Cam, and more.” This is such a high claim for an action camera, so the question now is, will it fly (so to speak)?

YoCam - Bigger Feature Set Than the GoPro

The YoCam is Touted as the World’s Most Versatile Waterproof Life Camera

One look at the YoCam and you would immediately take a gander at one of its many properties that sets it apart from the rest of the action camera sector – its size. This is perhaps one of the smallest action cameras you will ever see on today’s market. It has a small and slim form factor which means that you would have absolutely no trouble carrying it around wherever you may go. In fact, you might even want to just place it inside your pocket whenever you head out into the town.

So what about those aforementioned features? To start, the YoCam action camera can shoot videos at 2.7K resolution at 30-frames-per-second, or 1080p at 60-frames-per-second, or at 720p at 120-frames-per-second. It is also waterproof up to 20-feet, and the camera’s lens has a 140-degree field of view (which is already pretty decent considering the camera’s petite form factor). It even comes with a remote control that is connected through a P2P remote connection.

This particular camera even comes with a built-in image stabilization technology in which the brand calls it MoSteady, and it can even shoot HDR images. It can be connected with other devices with the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. It even has a neat feature for it to create a photobook with just one-click with the footage that it has acquired.

Even though the YoCam might feel a bit awkward to look and to use at first, but you might soon find yourself to be quite comfortable on using it with your everyday adventures. One amazing feat that it has surpassed its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal by more than 400-percent.


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