YouTube – How to Stop Videos From Automatically Playing the Next Item on the List

YouTube loves to make you watch more videos in the popular video streaming website. In fact, it has a feature wherein whenever one video ends, there will be a little preview as to what will be played next. If you don’t take any action within a few seconds, the next video will automatically play. Neat, right? Well, for some, it may be, but there are those who don’t share the same sentiments. The good news is that you can turn this feature off so that you can stick to that one video, and perhaps play it again-and-again until you get sick of it.

YouTube – How to Stop Videos From Automatically Playing the Next Item on the List

Learn How to Stop YouTube From Playing the Next Video Automatically

Step 1 – In order to stop the YouTube app from playing videos automatically for iOS, Android, or other mobile platforms, the process of doing this is pretty much straightforward. To do it, all you have to do is to play any video you prefer, and the scroll down a bit. You will then see an “Autoplay” toggle button, in which, by default, will be turned on. Turning it off will, of course, turn the feature off so that the streaming site won’t automatically play the next video that it might think you would want to watch next. However, if you do not find the Autoplay toggle button, then it is most likely that the app on your mobile device needs to be updated.

Step 2 – For the desktop version, the process is quite similar to doing it on the mobile application. On your computer, head first to the YouTube website and, once again, play any video you desire. Once the page with the video in it loads properly, you will be able to see the Autoplay toggle button near the upper right portion of the page. The button is found on top of the “Up Next” list. Switch the button off if you would like the website to simply stop when the video ends and not play the next video automatically.

And there you have it; the process of turning off the Autoplay feature on YouTube is quite simple. Therefore, if you’re playing a video and you like it very much, then all you have to do is tap or click on the replay button to repeat said clip. Now if only the website adds an automatic repeat feature for videos for this purpose then it would be, perhaps, one step closer to being perfect.


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