YouTubeDownloaded – How To Download Youtube Video

YouTubeDownloaded - How To Download Youtube Video

Youtube is the world’s most popular video streaming website and it delivers anything what the users are looking for. Sometimes it is more convenient for some users to download videos of youtube for offline viewing although some videos where not allowed to download for some copyright issue. On this article we will give you some tips on how to download youtube video for free but we suggest to download only those videos that are in creative common license.

How To Download Youtube Video From PC / Mac

YouTubeDownloaded (YTD)
There are a lot of youtube video downloader out there but YouTubeDownloaded software stands out from the rest. The software has a multi-threaded download capabilities which speed up the download process and not only that, the software is capable of converting the video that you download into different video format. You can use the basic of the software which is available and could be downloaded for free.

 How To Download Youtube Video From Your Mobile Phone as Mp3

How To Download Youtube Videos From Your Mobile Phone as Mp3
Youtube-mp3 .org
If you want to download youtube video as Mp3 into your mobile phone then there is no other easy step than to use website. The website is very fast and easy to use and it does not have  annoying advertisements like other sites. The process is very easy, just place the youtube video URL into the site then click the Convert Button and download the video as MP3.


If you know some other good software for downloading youtube video then please write a comments bellow. Thank you for reading and we hope that this article is useful and informative.


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