Zagat – New App Directed to Foodies Everywhere

Zagat has already been around for over 35 years and it is known as a trustworthy resource for reviews, comments, and testimonials for restaurants found in different regions. To go about the modern age, it has now made an iOS app to let users be provided with useful information for the freshest, most relevant content, while on-the-go. The new mobile application includes contextual recommendations, Google smarts taken from the Maps and Search applications, as well as a redesign on the user-interface. Simply speaking, this app will become your personal advisor as to what restaurant would be perfect for the occasion, or for where you want to curb the munchies.

Zagat - New App Directed to Foodies Everywhere

New Zagat App Aims to Satisfy Foodies Everywhere

Basically the new app from Zagat works like this – if you’re looking to book an Italian cooking session, or planning to go about a Chinese street-food escapade, then this mobile application can do all the legwork for you instead of going about a certain location trying to figure out which place to enter and try out. It can even show foodies that are on a healthy diet to be directed towards the healthiest (as well as the most photogenic dishes) that you can find within an area. However, the final say of this entire process still remains up to you, but the app’s recipe is made as simple as possible – they will look at the opinions of other people that have already dined within a specific food joint so that you no longer have to try out for yourself if the place has good service, good food, or the other way around.

The real strength of the Zagat app lies within its carefully curated content, as the reviews are carefully read by Zagat’s editors to convey dependable reviews for the restaurants showcased. This assists you in discovering the latest foodie hot spots within your area, as well as enabling you to share your own experiences. You can also get the latest inspiration from other foodies around the nation.

As mentioned earlier, this app from Zagat also has a redesigned user-interface, as well as a new look to its logo. This cleaner interface brings about a broad range of destinations which makes it a lot easier to find what exactly it is that you’re currently craving. You only need to search for a particular cuisine, or you can tap on the interactive neighborhood maps. You can then filter your search even further by rating, price, or by proximity.


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Zagat – New App Directed to Foodies Everywhere
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