ZTE Axon 7 Mini Review – Android Phone for Smaller Hands

If you have tiny hands, and you’re looking for a smartphone that won’t hurt your wallet too much, then you might want to check out the ZTE Axon 7 Mini. This particular handset offers many of the good things that can be found on the shockingly astounding ZTE Axon 7, and then placed it inside a more compact architecture. This Mini version of the Axon 7 presents a more compact size without having too much to compromise in return.

ZTE Axon 7 Mini Review – Android Phone for Smaller Hands

The ZTE Axon 7 Mini is for Smaller Hands and Tighter Budgets

With the ZTE Axon 7 Mini, you will have no problem holding it with just one hand, even if you don’t have big, meaty claws. Furthermore, it can be purchased without having to break the bank which is thanks to its more affordable price tag. However, it doesn’t mean that the device is tiny that it brings about less-than-satisfactory hardware and software offerings. In fact, what you will get that comes installed within the handset is a Snapdragon processor, which is mated to 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of built-in storage. If you need to expand that, you can most definitely do so with the use of a microSD card slot.

The Axon 7 Mini also has Hi-Fi audio, a fingerprint sensor, and front-facing speakers. Still, do take note that this phone is not built to be the fastest smartphone on the planet, but its performance and hardware makes it good enough for you to last throughout the day with true mid-range specs and a very decent battery life.

As for its design, it is an all-metal phone that easily competes with higher-end models on the market just by with its build quality. In fact, it can easily go up against the likes of LG, HTC, Samsung, and even Apple. One look at its design and build quality and you might immediately think that it costs more than what it actually does.

Because of its more compact design, the ZTE Axon 7 Mini has a weight of only 153-grams. If you did not like the larger ZTE Axon 7 because it was tough to hold with one hand, then you won’t find such a problem on this smaller model. The 5.2-inch phone even has a very decent display, and the performance is even better than its 5.5-inch older brother. So if you’re on the market for a compact phone without having to put a large hole in your wallet, then perhaps this handset might suit your needs.


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